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Beer Is The Official Lifegiving Liquid Of Cleveland, And More Stories You Weren't Supposed To See

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The Super Bowl is a black hole of news; anything non-football is quickly sucked in, never to escape into the public consciousness. Sometimes that's no accident. Here are three stories that were designed to fly under the radar.

•At the behest of the Cavaliers, all the water fountains have been removed from Quicken Loans Arena. The team claims it did so to stop the spread of H1N1, on the advice of the NBA and the International Association of Assembly Managers.

Only problem: neither the NBA nor the IAAM recommend that step.

So, fans who are feeling a little thirsty can wait in line at the concession stands, for a complimentary cup of water. And hey, since they waited that long, might as well pick up some nachos. And a tall frosty beer. In fact, forget the water.


•Hank Aaron. Robin Yount. Bud Selig? The Brewers announced yesterday, in a press release timed to not make the papers at all, that they'll be erecting a statue to Bud at Miller Park, joining the Milwaukee greats.

Dash touched on this this morning, but it's worth revisiting. While Selig moved the team to Milwaukee, and moved them to the National League, it's hard to think of him as the Brewers owner. Instead he's the man who inspired this 18-point, yet still non-comprehensive list of failures as steward of MLB.

But come August, he won't be thought of as either of them. Judging from the life-size bronze sculpture, he'll be a god.


•Lenny Dykstra! His own millions in debts, and the foreclosure of his home should have been enough to tip you off that he might not be the stock picking guru he styled himself. But he's hoping you've forgotten all that, because he's back with a new venture.

For just $900 a year on Nails Investments, a somewhat amateurish looking site, you can get three picks a week, a monthly live conference call with Lenny, and a signed baseball.


He's also got links to all the hagiographic stories from those few months where the media bought into his schtick. A surprising lack of links to all the exposés of his bankruptcy.

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