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Behold The Dick-And-Balls Nilla Wafer

Reader Kevin brings us this, the Nilla Wafer shaped like a dick and balls. That sure as hell is one dick-and-balls-shaped Nilla Wafer! Man. Take it away, Kevin:

My young children are big fans of Nilla Wafers and I usually buy the mini-Nilla Wafers that come in different colors. One day to my surprise I opened up a box and the first wafer I pulled out was this (attached).

This happened back in 09. I had all but forgotten about it until I saw that Cheeto pic. I even sent an email to the corporate affairs people at Nabisco (owned by Kraft Foods back then) and they sent me back some children's books and some coupons for free food.


Ah, dammit, now you're picturing your kid dipping a dick-and-balls-shaped Nilla Wafer in a glass of milk. Enjoy your weekend.


h/t Kevin

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