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Beleaguered "NFL Countdown" Closed Captioning Typists Get One-Week Reprieve

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We were on a very slow-moving piece of public transportation and therefore are just hitting the late news: Michael Irvin has been suspended for one week following his arrest last Friday for having a "pipe" in his car. This is only two days after handsomely named ESPN exec Norby Williamson said "Right now we take Michael at his word. ... And we re there to deal with him as he deals with this."


Apparently that position has changed. Officially, Irvin is being suspended because he waited until two days after the arrest to even tell the network about it, and that's only because a reporter told them first. This is the official story, and seems believable enough ... or at least considerably more believable than, say, Irvin's ridiculous original story. Whether it's backed up by a pastor or not.

No word on that Dan Patrick-Keith Olbermann-sponsored drug test, by the way. Can't we get Jason Whitlock to storm the countdown set and get to the bottom of this?

A prediction, however: "NFL Countdown" gets its best ratings of the year this Sunday. Just a hunch.


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