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A balls-and-strikes argument between Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo and home plate umpire Tim Timmons went in an unexpected direction this afternoon, when Lovullo apparently said something to Timmons that pissed off Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina:


This started with Timmons ringing up A.J. Pollock on a low strike. Pollock disagreed with the call, and before long Lovullo made his way out, where he was summarily ejected. Lovullo can be seen gesturing angrily towards at least the Cardinals, if not Molina personally, and suddenly Timmons goes from defending himself from Lovullo’s wrath to defending Lovullo from Molina! A donnybrook!

It’s hard to imagine what Lovullo could’ve said that would’ve been more offensive to Molina than to Timmons, but I am particularly enjoying how quickly Lovullo goes from righteous anger to stunned surrender. Whoa, what’d I say? Whatever it was, it overshot the target!

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