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Bengal Arrested ... Blah Blah Blah

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I would've gotten to this sooner, but I thought it was probably a good idea to wait a few hours, see if any other Bengals got arrested, and then combine them into one post. Alas, they put together an unprecedented 12-hour streak of good behavior.


But yesterday, it was A.J. Nicholson's turn. Again. Last year, Nicholson was charged with burglary and grand theft, but displayed some versatility this time, getting arrested for domestic violence. Police responded to a 911 call from a woman who said she was hit in the face, and upon arriving at the scene, observed a woman with an injury to her eye.

The violence started when Nicholson politely asked the woman to perform a service for him that looked something like this. She said she wasn't the kind of girl to mimic filthy acts she had seen in newspaper circular hot dog ads, Nicholson said he'd just get Carson Palmer to do it, she called him a name, and then the violence erupted.*


Nicholson, like most Bengals, is currently on probation.

* = probably not true ... but maybe.

Bengals' Nicholson arrested on domestic violence charge [ESPN]
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