Bengals Cheerleader Pleads Guilty To Sexing Up High School Student, Leaves Courthouse With Him

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Sarah Jones has had a busy couple of years. In 2010, the former Ben-Gal (ugh) attempted to sue for claiming she was riddled with STDs from sleeping with Cincinnati players. That was good! (Although her lawyer mistakenly sued the wrong company, so she was unable to collect.) In December she was arrested for an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student at the high school where she taught English as her day job. That was bad.

Despite initially denying everything ("People don't know the real me...I married my high school sweetheart."), Jones agreed to a plea deal today. She pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct, in exchange for prosecutors dropping more serious charges, and she will not face prison.

During the hearing, Sarah stood in front of Judge Summe and admitted to having a romantic relationship with the victim, which included a "sexual relationship and sexual intercourse".

Sarah will serve a total of five years probation, and the misdemeanor sexual misconduct charge will stay on her record permanently. She is not required to serve any jail time. As part of the deal, the text messages in case will be sealed. Jones also agreed to never apply for another teaching position.


Things are looking up for Jones. She's currently working as a legal secretary for the attorney who defended her in this case. And more than that—love has endured. Jones's student, now 18, accompanied her to today's hearing, and the two left the courthouse hand-in-hand.