Displaying the kind of investigative moxie that could have kept us out of this whole Iraq mess, the Chicago Sun-Times dug into Thursday's Benny the Bull T-shirt assault story and discovered that Benny had been wrongly accused! On Thursday it was reported that Benny β€” the costumed mascot for the Bulls β€” shot the Celtics' Kevin Garnett and James Posey from behind with a T-shirt gun. And since Benny had a record, we all believed it. But it just wasn't so, said the Bulls.

The Bulls apologized to the Celtics and explained that one of the members of the IncrediBulls β€” a group that entertains during timeouts β€” had tripped and his gun shot the shirts into the floor from where they bounced into the Celtics.

I never trusted those %$#%@!& IncrediBulls. Well, I'm glad it all worked out. This has not been a good year for Benny.

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