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Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar says he has repeatedly tried to talk to current Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, but hasn’t gotten a response. This was inevitable, wasn’t it?


Kosar—who was affected by concussions from his playing days, filed for bankruptcy in 2009, trashed Kellen Clemens while calling a preseason game, and was cited for a DUI in 2013 but pleaded no contest to reckless operation of a vehicle—told USA Today Sports that he wanted to give some advice to the 23-year-old QB. Manziel spent approximately two months in a rehab facility in 2015, and was suspended by the team in November when a video surfaced of him holding a champagne bottle at a Texas club.

From the report:

“I’m embarrassed to even tell you how many times I tried.’’ Kosar, the beloved former Browns quarterback, told USA TODAY Sports Tuesday. “I have tried to call him directly 18 different ways. If he chooses not to talk to me, that’s his choice.

“I’m not mad at him. But there’s a point where there’s an element of respect that’s involved.’’


Maybe this will scare Johnny straight. Hell, round up the rest of the ghosts of Browns quarterbacks past and see if they can help. What are Tim Couch and Charlie Frye up to?

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