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Big Boy Auburn Defender Rumbles Until He Tumbles After Recovering Fumble

In the dying embers of the first quarter of Auburn-Florida, Gators quarterback Kyle Trask lost the football and it landed straight into the arms of 6-foot-5, 315 lb. defensive tackle Derrick Brown. It didn’t matter that he’s not the type of player whose body type screams “speedster.” Thanks to some helpful blocking and incredible willpower, Brown was on a breakaway that looked like it would lead to six points. Unfortunately, his body forgot how to function at such high speeds and he ended up tripping just before the 35-yard line, ending his touchdown dreams.

Credit to both guys in the broadcast booth who kept it relatively together as that lowlight slowly unfurled in front of them. To add insult to injury, Brown’s self-sabotage proved to be more costly when, just two plays into his team’s subsequent drive, Tigers quarterback Bo Nix gave the ball right back to the opposing team with an interception.


Keep your knees up next time, big fella.

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