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Big Rugby Brawl Will Leave You Wanting More

Take a look at this fight, during a World Cup qualifier between Georgia (in white) and Belgium. It's pretty good—I guess. The newspapers are throwing all kinds of adjectives at it: "giant," "massive," "fiery." So why does the actual brawl disappoint?


I mean, there are some punches, and elbows. But these are very large, aggressive, angry men, and there are a lot of them. A rugby brawl ought to have more blows land than a bench-clearing baseball brawl, and less jersey-pulling than a hockey line brawl, and less posturing than the typical NBA non-fight. But the Georgians and Belgians have their fun, wind down naturally, and go back to their sides. Only two red cards were handed out.

I guess what I'm saying is 15-on-15 heavyweight kickboxing should be a sport.

Another angle:

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