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Bike Stuck In Electric Fence Nearly Defeats Trio Of English Guys

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“C’mon Paul, got your bike off that electric fence!” says a voice from behind the camera. For the next three minutes and 38 seconds, that is exactly what Paul (and his two friends) try to do.

Fat bikes are built to be so large and beefy that they can roll over most obstacles that would give even mountain bikes issues. Sure, you can bunny-hop up onto a curb, but a fat bike allows a rider to simply plow over the curb with only minor annoyance. They’re great on snow, but as it turns out, an electric fence in the English (probably?) countryside is a barrier that even a comically oversized bike can’t handle.


Somehow, watching these dudes try to dislodge the bike by smacking it with sticks and handling it like an “Operation” organ is much more entertaining than it should be.

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