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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bill Belichick Knows Where Lesbians Love

Illustration for article titled Bill Belichick Knows Where Lesbians Love

At long last, a prominent pro sports coach has come out of the closet in a nationally- ... wait, what? Sorry. Scratch that. While Bill Belichick is the cover boy for this month's issue of Boston Spirit, the city's premier gay magazine, the mag's publisher points out that his photo was just picked more or less at random. Wives, he's all yours again!


From The Boston Herald:

Hopefully Belichick will get a kick out of the headline next to his grumpy puss: "Where Lesbians Love." We certainly did! The Evil Genius, sporting his shiny barber smock in the photo, really isn't the focus of the Spirt cover story. Sadly. He's just a prop to illustrate the piece that asks the age-old question: "If one of Boston's professional athletes announced he was gay would his team and the fans rally around him?" The answer: Yes, if he's a Tom Brady-caliber playmaker. No, if he's an underperforming bench-sitter. This is Boston after all.


It should interest you to know that of all the Boston-area pro teams, none would even talk to the magazine for the story except for the Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse. I assume that's a men's league.

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