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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bill Belichick Likely To Study Tape Of His Slaying Of Reporter

We've gone over this before, but Bill Belichick's adept at letting reporters draw out their questions before he shuts them down with curt answers. (It's entertaining, if your job isn't covering the Patriots.) Naturally, the media wanted to talk about Peyton Manning vs. the Patriots today, and Belichick did what he does best.


The transcribed conversation:

Q: You've prepared to face a Peyton Manning offense more than 20 times in your coaching career. Is there one common thread that stands out to you over the years about how those preparations and then the game have unfolded?

BB: I guess Manning.

That wasn't the best answer from today's conference, though. Look at the penultimate question (and Belichick's response):

Q: Can you appreciate the rivalry that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have developed over the years?

BB: Yeah, sure.

Thanks, Bill.

[SB Nation]

H/t to @ecald66

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