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Bill Belichick No Longer Owns A Park Slope Brownstone; Bill Belichick Owned A Park Slope Browstone

Ah, Park Slope: where diligently hip mothers push extravagant strollers into studiously low-key coffee shops, where you're nobody if you don't get your kale at the most organic of the four farmer's markets on your block, where you retire at 45 after your loosely-defined art collective produces no art in twenty years, something about fixed-gear bicycles goes [here], you get the idea: Bill Belicheck owned a brownstone in Park Slope for six years before selling it sometime in the past month. Weird.

The Observer has the details and speculates on the meaning behind the sale:

On the one hand, Mr. Belichick has made a little money on the sale of the townhouse, netting $2.75 million, according to city records. Not bad considering that he paid $2.2 million for the five-bedroom, three-bath residence back in 2006.

But on the other hand, the house was allegedly a love nest for Mr. Belichick and mistress Sharon Shenocca, whom Mr. Belichick was rumored to have taken up with after splitting from his longtime wife in 2006. Or, if not a love nest, at least a friendly benefit of Ms. Shenocca's close relationship with Mr. Belichick. Whatever the state of relations, or lack thereof, between Mr. Belichick and Ms. Shenocca, their love affair with the Park Slope townhouse is fini.


Is this why Belichick has been so...phlegmatic recently? It is very hard to imagine Bill Belichick spending any time in Park Slope, and harder still to when you hear about the brownstone itself:

A double parlor, lots of windowed rooms with Southern exposures, a library with a fireplace and a large garden (it's no football field, but there's space enough to sun). Listing photos show a place disappointingly devoid of big screen TVs and sports memorabilia.

Space enough to sun? Yeah, Belichick's never been there. That's the brownstone in question above, and that's also the face Belichick made when he decided to sell it.

The Patriots' head hobgoblin now exits the ranks of former and current NFL coaches that inexplicably live in tony areas of New York.


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