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Bill Romanowski, Workout FREAK

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After uncovering the groundbreaking scoop that Ricky Williams likes to smoke pot, "60 Minutes" this weekend talks to former Bronco Bill Romanowski about his steroid abuse. Yep: Romanowski used to take steroids. This, by our count, is about the fourth time Romanowski has "confessed" to steroid use; last time he did it to promote a movie, an act we actually found somewhat resourceful.


We don't have much more to say about Romo, except:

1. Anybody else remember the Rick Reilly column in Sports Illustrated — titled "Health Nut" — about how impressive Romo's workout routine is? About how he works harder than any other athlete, and how that's the secret of his longevity? Yeah. That column was written in September 2003; not very long ago. Whoops.
2. We could look at that painting there all day. It's from something called T's Original Art and is definitely the best painting of a linebacker fighting a demon horse from hell to save the castle that we've ever seen.

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(UPDATE: A reader reminds us that Reilly had no problem with requesting Sammy Sosa pee in a cup, but gave Romo a pass because they're old pals from back in Denver. We had forgotten about that. Wonder if he asked Rebecca Romijn to pee in a cup, while we're thinking about it.)

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