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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bill Simmons Is Enjoying His "Rebellious" Status

Illustration for article titled Bill Simmons Is Enjoying His Rebellious Status

Ever since his gauntlet-throwing interview with us last week, Bill Simmons has been doodling with his blogspot page. Amusingly, he seems to be drawing a parallel between himself and Tom Cruise's character in The Firm.


He has a still of Cruise from the film up right now, and yesterday — before taking it down over night — he actually was signed in as "Mitch McDeere." If you remember the plot of the film, it involves an idealistic young lawyer played by Cruise joining a huge law firm before realizing it's an evil murderous conglomerate.


We can only guess what Simmons might be referring to. We're not sure who is the Gene Hackman equivalent. Rob King? Norby? Or maybe Gene Hackman's actually in charge. That would make for fun staff meetings.

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