All the sports news came from Boston last night, so hey: Why not keep piling on and play with some sports media news from Boston too? How could one ever get tired of Boston, right? Right? Who's with us?

Anyway, now that Rick Reilly has knocked out an excellent column in his ESPN debut, everything's cool with him and potential adversary Bill Simmons, right? Well, not according to an interview Simmons did with WEEI yesterday morning. Simmons did a little chest-puffing about Reilly's output.

"I don't even care about the money (he's making). I care about the fact he only has to write 800 words all week. What does he do all week? I'm just getting warmed up at 800 words."

Simmons wasn't done, adding, with obvious sarcasm:

"I don't think (his hiring) has really changed my life in any way other than he touches my soul with his writing. That's really it. He's raising the bar morally, financially. . . he's raising it all over the place. I'm just happy to be along for the ride."

Yipes. Amusingly, Scott's Shots dutifully details ESPN's official response: "We are very happy to have many creative people at ESPN, including Bill and Rick, whose contributions are evident in many different ways." At this point, they're just cutting and pasting those Simmons reacts. And the countdown continues.


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