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Billy Gillispie Just Not Fitting In At Kentucky

Kentucky got bounced from the NIT after missing the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 18 years, and now the Wildcats need to find the most polite way to tell their coach to scram.

There has been no official word yet, one way or the other, but all signs point to head coach Billy Gillispie getting the axe after just two seasons in Lexington. His record is 40-27 (20-12 in the SEC), which would be just lovely for a lot of schools but not for those that believe basketball is their birthright. The line that is already being pushed is that Gillispie is "not the right fit." He hasn't made friends with the right people, doesn't "build relationships" well, and does not have a winning rapport with the media. (As Jeanine Edwards could tell you, all those things are very true.)


Gillispie did seem a bit aloof and possibly resigned to his fate after the Notre Dame loss last night. Moments like this tend to test your faith, although at least one wire service reporter maybe didn't quite pick up on that vibe.

Asked about how he feels about all the judgment he's facing after posing a 40-27 record in two seasons at Kentucky, Gillispie said: "There's only one judgment I'll ever be concerned about, and I hope I pass that judgment. That's the only one I'll ever be concerned about, and I'm really proud that that's the only judgment that will ever have a real effect on me, and I hope I pass that one with flying colors."

Gillispie declined to answer when asked whose judgment he was referring to, saying it was obvious, apparently referring to Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart.

Obviously. I mean, who else could he possibly be talking about?

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