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Blake Griffin Had A Bad Start To His Season Thanks To Jarrett Allen

We all wondered what the high-flying Blake Griffin would look in the latter stages of his career when he could no longer consistently rely on his athleticism for buckets like he once used to. Thankfully, Jarrett Allen was there to answer that question for us tonight.

Had some of us actually paid attention to the NBA preseason, we might have seen this coming. The Nets forward had already gotten the better of Griffin earlier this month when Piston went for a dunk at the end of a play that was pretty similar to tonight’s.


But it wasn’t all horrible for Griffin and the Pistons. Detroit would leave their worryingly empty home opener with a 103-100 win over the Nets and the former Clipper would finish with 26 points, eight rebounds and six assists. So I guess the crippling sadness that comes with seeing a player like Griffin get reduced to a washed veteran who’s easily stuffed at the rim will have to wait at least another game.

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