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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Blake Griffin Suspended Four Games For Punching Out Equipment Staffer

Illustration for article titled Blake Griffin Suspended Four Games For Punching Out Equipment Staffer

The Los Angeles Clippers announced today that Blake Griffin will be suspended four games without pay, and fined an additional game check, for punching team equipment staffer Matias Testi.


Here is the statement from the Clippers:

The L.A. Clippers announced today that forward Blake Griffin has been suspended without pay for four games for striking a team employee on Jan. 23 and his wages will be withheld for one additional game for injuries he sustained. The NBA has assisted us in this process.

The Clippers will donate the salary from the five games to charities focused on disadvantaged youth in Los Angeles. At his request, Blake will support this activity with his time.

We have made it clear that this conduct has no place in the Clippers organization. Blake is remorseful and has apologized for his actions. He is a valued member of our Clippers family and we support him as he rejoins the team. He understands his actions have consequences, and is eager to get back to work with his teammates, the organization and Clipper Nation which starts immediately with rehab, appearances and attendance at games.

For our team and organization, it is time to move forward which begins today and ultimately concludes when we have Blake back on the court.


Griffin is already going to miss a big chunk games because he broke his hand while punching Testi, and now he’ll have to sit out a little longer even after he’s healed up.

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