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Blame Canada, Says Canada

Somebody's got to be the scapegoat for the host nation's disappointing medal count. The athletes, for not living up to expectations? The COC for setting unrealistic expectations? The fans for being too passionate? Bingo.

The headline from yesterday's Montreal Gazette: "Canada on pace to meet medal hopes."


The headline from today's Montreal Gazette: "COC admits Canada not on track in medal count."

Obviously, they didn't win negative medals in a day, so it's just that the party line has changed. So "Own The Podium" is now an unperson, and they're looking for someone to be thrown under the bus with it. That means you, Canadian fans who have stomped and cheered your hearts out for your country. Apparently your athletes weren't able to handle the support.

[COC CEO Chris] Rudge said Canadian athletes have never performed before "an audience so big, with so many Canadians and so loud . . . and how each athlete responds to that I don't know."

He said that COC sport leaders are going to look at the "adrenalin rush" that the support caused.

"The size of the crowd and the level of support and the noise – I'm not sure to what degree it was addressed by each of the coaches and the team leaders," added Rudge.

Okay, maybe even Steve Nash said he wanted to slap an outspoken fan at because of Sunday's hockey game. But all the backtracking and scapegoating is getting ridiculous, Canada.

You set an inspirational goal, which is understandable. You didn't live up to it, which happens sometimes. But instead of focusing on the shortcomings you should be celebrating the victories of your individual athletes, and of a generally thrilling Olympics as a whole. And instead of laying the blame on the fans, you should be singing their praises, because they have been the best thing about the games thus far.


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