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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Blogdome: A Great Monday

• Is April 2 the best sports day of the year? [Chicks Dig The Long Ball]
• Are the Cubs about to sign Carlos Zambrano? [3 Man Lift]
• Reasons to root for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. [Rays Index]
• Whack a Cub! [Red Hot Mama]
• Doubting Greg Oden. [The Smittblog]
• If Joakim Noah had an ark ... [Thighs Wide Shut]
• The guy who was the Opening Day starter for two expansion teams ... both in Seattle. [Sports Review Magazine]
• ESPN personalities really letting themselves go. [The Sports Hernia]
• Definitely a busy day for Jordan Farmar. [Lion In Oil]
• Bringing Bernie to Opening Day. [Only Drink High Life]
• The end of Pros Vs. Joes. [I Dislike Your Favorite Team]

By the way, inspired work yesterday by those sellouts at Kissing Suzy Kolber.

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