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Blogdome: Confucius Say ...

• ESPN's fortune cookie team capsules. [Quick Slants]
• This is our kind of tournament preview: Just talking about "24." (Pull through, Logan, pull through!) [Barstool Sports]
• The KSK vs. Ladies ... bracket challenge has begun. [Ladies ...]
• Athletes taking easy classes in college? WHAT?!! [Bevo Sports]
• We actually once simulated an entire NCAA tournament using a video game on automatic play. We had similarly odd results. [Sportable]
• The quiet provisions in the Penguins deal. [Teapot Dome Scandal]
• The Red Sox are not a fan of these cookies. [Red Sox Monster]
• Woo-hoo, Matt Millen's gonna draft! [Rumors And Rants]
• The complete sports alphabet. [Get Untracked]
• A Cubs fan takes on Bill Simmons. Sorry, guys: We side with Bill. Mostly because you're Cubs fans. Sorry! [Wrigleyville]


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