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Blogdome: Get Your Wizznutzz Gear

• The official shop of the geniuses at Wizznutzz has opened. [Mothering Hut]
• A ranking of the 100 best college basketball players. (No Illini? Come on!) [CHN]
• Lots of stuff to watch this holiday weekend. [Clubber Lang's Basement]
• A big recap of the first half of the EPL. [That's On Point]
• Which current NBA team would make the best fantasy team? [Rotopoll]
• Remembering the late Cecil Travis. [Sports Music Blog]
• Check out the video linked in this KSK post. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
• Introducing Renaldo Balkman's MySpace page. [Bench Renaldo]
• Actual quotes from the last week. [One More Dying Quail]
• Some carols for the Saturday bowl games. [On College Football]
• Can the Bulls beat a good defensive team? [Ron Karkovice Fan Club]
• The worst possible soccer gifts. [Soccernista]

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