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Blogdome: Make A-Rod A Devil Ray!

• A potential way to "solve" the A-Rod situation. [The Serious Tip]
• Allen Iverson grew up a Cowboys fan? [Andy Reid's Mustache]
• Some 14-year-old kid just committed to play hockey at Michigan. That's awfully scary. [Western College Hockey]
• A Mets fan fires himself up with dead birds. [The Mets Are Better Than Sex]
• A lament concerning the guy at the bar who just won't shush. [Sick Of Simmons]
• A day in the life of Jose Vizcaino. [The FYC]
• Please, George, just go away. [55 Problems]
• About that White Sox 7-11 thing. [Ad Freak]
• An addended version of the letter the Twins sent out to fans this week. [10,000 Takes]
• It does bother us slightly when athletes text message. [We Are The Postmen]


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