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Blogdome: Stupid Lotteries!

• Why ticket lotteries never work. [Get Untracked]
• So what nickname should the Illini use now? [Atomic Sports Media]
• Women at Wimbledon are now making as much as the men. How sweet. [Signal To Noise]
• Looking at history's great Wunderlic scores. [Rumors And Rants]
• Hey, cut Pat Burrell some slack. [Sportszilla]
• Ooh, it's a Nebraska football tell-all. WHOA! [Dirty Laundry]
• How the Angels would make life better. [If I Ran ...]
• It's Dice-K's blog. (Not really.) [Fatsuzaka]
• Now the girlfriends of soccer players are writing books. [The Offside]
• This is what it sounds like when doves cry. [Batgirl]


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