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Blogdome: Taking Up The Billy Packer Cause

• Everyone give to the Billy Packer Retirement Fund. It's a cause anyone can get behind. [Big Ten Wonk]
• An extremely funny baseball preview, looking at each team like they were people you went to high school with. [Macken's Lounge]
• The best 25 Rickey Henderson anecodtes of all time. [Sheriff Sully]
• Was there some open mocking of protesters going on at Duke? [Happy Toilet]
• Take that, Jenn Sterger! [White Dade]
• Rasheed Wallace, the Japanese view. [True Hoop]
• Greg Oden might very well dominate the Big Ten next year. [Critical Fanatic]
• Gatorade wants you to think their drink is a penis. Or something like that. [Basketbawful]


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