We have traveled to many strange, exotic team hater blogs, witnessed the disdain first hand, and purchased souvenirs. But now we shall go one step beyond โ€” moving into uncharted territory: hater blogs devoted to a single person. Yes, we know it's dangerous. There's a chance we will never see home and loved ones again. But damn it, we have to try. Pray for us.

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Imagine what it's like to have something right within your grasp, then, suddenly, it's cruelly snatched away! Such is the lot of Oakland A's fans who hate manager Ken Macha. In early October of 2005, it seemed that Macha had been fired. But just as suddenly, he was re-hired! How does a thing like that happen? Our findings:

3. The Obituarium. "This sucks more than anything that has ever previously sucked."

2. Athletics Nation. "(Macha is) cheap, available, and takes orders without complaint." High praise indeed.

1. Ken Macha is a Moron and I Hate Him. They blog with the persistence of Sisyphus, the wit of Oscar Wilde and the cockeyed optimism of the latest Miss America Pageant winner. Here's to you, Roman and Greg โ€” may all your dreams come true.