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Previously we have examined the great fan blogs of the NFL and Major League Baseball, and what an interesting journey it was. But every great story needs a strong antagonist, and to that end we now present the anti-blogs — those Web chronicles devoted to abhorrence and loathing — what the French call b te noire. Hey, we hate the French! Grrrr. So for the next few weeks, we'll attempt to sort it all out, with your help of course. What's your favorite hater blog? Let is know at


Ah, the San Francisco 49ers. Once loathed by a nation, now virtually ignored. This is where you really know that your franchise is in trouble — people aren't even bothering to hate you anymore. Just take a look around the web. Once proud anti-49er sites are now ghost towns. Sites like 49er Haters Society ("The page cannot be displayed"), Alternative 49er Zone (now an ad for hypnotherapy), Why the 49ers Suck (404 Error). Let's face it, at 2-11, it's just not worth the bandwidth. Hating the 49ers these days is like rooting against Mike Tyson. What's the point?

Here are a couple of blogs we found, though. Enjoy.

The 49ers Suck. Still bravely marching on, although, judging from the photo of Steve Young getting sacked, no one's posted there in a while.
Dump York. Dedicated to the ouster of the 49ers hapless owner. The team actually tried to ban fans from wearing "Dump York" t-shirts at games, and the resulting outcry made them reverse the decision.
49ers Suck T-shirt on eBay. Five bucks. Zero bids. Sad, really.

(Tomorrow: Hating the New England Patriots.)

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