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As you may have gathered from my Griffey-esque nocturnal performance the last few weeks, my time at Deadspin is nearing an end. I'll be leaving this here neck of the internet woods at the end of this month.

But wait, you're saying: Who will provide us with our pro-steroid, anti-Chicago, neo-populist free market propaganda? Frankly, my dears, I don't really care that much. You will miss my biased homerism as much as I will miss your bitching about typographical errors, but I think in the end we'll still find a way to stay friends. Unless I decide to ban your account on my way out the door.


Enough with the mushy stuff. There will be time for recriminations and mournful sighs later. All I want to say for now is that four years is a long time to do a job this all-brain-consuming, and while I've enjoyed it immensely, there are probably other things I wouldn't mind doing in this life. (You know, the proverbial "other projects.") I can't imagine what those things are at this moment—suggestions can be sent to—but for now let's just enjoy the little time that we have left together. Preferably in total silence.

See you on Monday night.

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