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Throughout Blood Week, we'll be featuring gruesome submissions from readers. Like this one from Brad about a softball game gone very wrong. Moderately disgusting leg injury after the jump.

This happened to a friend in a rec league softball game. It's not horrible, but what makes it for me is the story and the third-rate care administered afterward.

He went hard into 3rd base, tore up his leg, and the next batter drove him in. His motivation was not wanting his team to get shut out, as they hadn't all season. His heroic efforts led to a final score of 18-1.

Long story short, he got in a car and traveled 2 hours with his leg looking like that, at which point some "medical attention" was applied, in the form of a maxi pad and scotch tape since, shock of shocks, my fiancee's grandmother's house was ill-prepared for rec league softball injuries.


Can you top that? Send us your Blood Week submissions. Subject Line: Blood Week.

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