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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

BMX Rider Hits Head, "Focuses On Vacuuming"

Helmets don't work every time you dive headfirst into a large wooden structure. Professional BMX rider and 2012 X Games invitee Tom Dugan found that out the hard way when he attempted a "one-handed no-footed cancan" (a feat where the rider moves both of his feet to one side of the bike, letting go of the handle bars with one hand while suspended in midair) at a competition in Spain this past March. The crash knocked him unconscious and eventually landed him in a medically induced coma.


Not to worry, though. When Dugan woke up three days later, he spent time away from his bike and took to recovering by getting some "important things" done. Like vacuuming:

Now that I just literally don't have anything else to do, I've just really been focusing, like, on vacuuming. You know just, like, getting the lines perfect. My carpet can never be clean enough. I'll vacuum, you know, seven or eight times a day. I literally just can't get my carpet clean enough.


Organizing hats:

And hats, you know, have always been a big part of my life, and it's good to have time for that now. Like, I spend a few hours a day just organizing them, you know. Like color coding, and making sure that each style is perfect, making sure there's that perfect hat for the perfect outfit, you know, all the time.

Finger painting:

I like to try not to work out my brain too hard, but, you know, you gotta be subtle about these kinda things. You gotta work in slow. And one of the ways that I thought was good was, like, painting and working on art things.


"Mailing things":

I'm always mailing things. Like, I've always had payments for tickets and things that I have to mail things for. I'm always the guy that people go to for, like, envelopes and stamps... I'm always thinking about other people and so I'm always wanting to get more stamps, you know, so I could always have them to give to people. And the more stamps I've been getting, I've realized that there's actually a lot of badass stamps and I don't always want to give those ones out.


And reenacting commercials:

I know it sounds like I wouldn't have a lot of time to watch TV or anything, but I just spend a lot of time on the couch, you know, just watching stuff and I've really been getting into commercials and if I do have some spare time and I see a good commercial, you know, I try to reenact it.

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Dugan plans to get back on his bike to do crazy stunts in the X Games this summer, so it's good that he documented these fleeting placid moments. Perhaps he'll think fondly of his fingerpaints while flipping perilously through the air.



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