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Bob Arum: Deontay Wilder has said ‘Trumpian things’ and doesn’t have a right to third Tyson Fury bout

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It’s been a weird fall season for Deontay Wilder.

First, he called out Tyson Fury for not agreeing to a rematch following their memorable first two encounters.


Then, after reports surfaced indicating that he separated from long-time co-trainer Mark Breeland, who threw in the towel during his loss to Tyson Fury in their second bout this past February, Wilder accused him of being ‘part of the plot.’

(In more ways than one.)

Then he continued going after Fury on Twitter a few weeks ago.

Now today, Top Rank promoter and boxing lifer Bob Arum, who promotes Fury, says Wilder has no right to call for the trilogy bout, as the contractual right expired in October.


“The contract says Wilder’s rights ran out at the end of October and I really believe that contract displays clearly that Wilder does not have a claim for a third fight,” Arum told Marc Gatford of Bettway Insider. “Wilder had some surgery but that was taken care of in the contract, a 90-day delay from the date of the proposed rematch in July, and that ran out.

“It’s one thing to bring a claim and it’s a second thing to be successful. I believe that Wilder has no rights any longer for a third fight and therefore his claim will be denied. But I can’t stop them from thinking otherwise and taking it to litigation.”


But also indicated that Anthony Joshua is expected to have a superfight with Fury first, which would unify the WBO, IBF, WBA Super, and WBC World Heavyweight Championships. However, Joshua told ESPN yesterday that he doubts a Fury bout will happen in 2021 because of Wilder’s persistence.

Joshua is defending his WBA Super, WBO, and IBF World Heavyweight Titles on Dec. 12 against former Wladimir Klitchscko challenger Kubrat Pulev. Arum says he expects a resolution to the heavyweight division to arrive following the bout.


“If Pulev beats Joshua there’s no Joshua fight for Tyson Fury because Joshua has a rematch clause. At that point, Fury is out there looking for opponents and I’d think the best available opponent would be Wilder,” he said.

“But it’s up to Fury to decide,” Arum continued. “Wilder has said some weird, Trumpian things that make no sense. He sounded like Donald Trump! Fury took offense and rightly so. If Joshua is not available, Fury will have to decide whether to overlook his remarks and go with a Wilder fight. That’s up to Tyson Fury.”