Bob Knight And Chris Berman, Together At Last

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Bobby Knight has joined the other team. Nope, he's not announcing that he's gay, although I know that's what you were thinking. He's merely becoming what he has loathed most throughout his coaching career: A member of the sports media. Knight will become a studio analyst for ESPN for the NCAA men's postseason, which means that the WWL now has two on-air personalities who could snap and kill an intern at any moment.

Knight will be on hand for ESPN's wall-to-wall coverage of the major conference championships and continue through the NCAA title game - including working on ESPN's on-site set at the Final Four. He'll appear on pregame and postgame shows and on SportsCenter, says ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys, "and all the things we do tied to men's basketball."

All very well, but will this be the real Bobby Knight? Is he going to give his true opinion about Drexel's shitty-ass, gimmicky zone defense, or the way that Wake Forest doesn't run its offense worth a damn? Because he wouldn't last a week, but it would be fun.

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