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Bob Knight, Isiah Thomas And "Sunt"

An outstanding find from The Big Lead: An old video of Isiah Thomas, while honoring former coach Bobby Knight, explaining what he learned from the coach. The main thing he learned? The word "sunt."

What is "sunt," you ask? Well, Isiah almost tells you, but backs off after looking at Coach Knight, who looks like he's about to rip his young protege's throat out. It's a highly entertaining video.


We think this might serve as a reminder of where Isiah got his world famous "bitch" mindset from. Many have ascribed it to the hardscrabble streets he grew up, but let us not forget where Isiah learned his coaching acumen. Of course, there's one main difference: Bob Knight can, you know, coach.

What Isiah Thomas Learned From Bobby Knight [The Big Lead]

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