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Bobblection Week 2008: They Bobble, You Decide

Although the bobblehead craze has pretty much swept the globe, countries generally do not use them to select their leaders; well, except for Spain. But perhaps they should. In 2004, a series of Minor League Baseball bobblehead promotions correctly predicted the U.S. Presidential Election, when other so-called polling experts didn't have a clue. And now the promotion is back, as six Class A and Independent League teams stage Bobblection 2008. Barack Obama or John McCain? This week, you choose. The fun begins tonight in Fishkill, N.Y., as the Hudson Valley Renegades (Class A, New York-Penn League) take on the Vermont Lake Monsters at Duchess Stadium. The process is simple, and goes like this:

As fans pass through the turnstiles, they will be directed to election booths where they’ll have the option of casting their vote for either the Democratic or Republican candidate. For participating in the voting, they will receive the bobblehead doll of their candidate. When one candidate runs out of dolls, he will be declared the winner of that ballpark’s Bobblection.


Other Bobblections will follow on the home fields of the Brockton Rox (Thursday), Charleston RiverDogs (Friday), St. Paul Saints (Saturday), Sioux Falls Canaries (Sunday) and Ft. Myers Miracle (Monday). Total bobbleheads are then tallied, and a winner is declared. No surprise that it should be the team from Florida that decides it all. Four years ago, as media outlets scrambled to predict the outcome of the Presidential race, Bobblection 2004 had Bush winning in four of the seven participating ballparks; the closest race being in St. Paul, Minn., where John Kerry won by 18 bobbleheads. And really, with the grinning, nodding head and the painted-on smile, is there any better representation of a politician than a bobblehead doll? So do your homework and get out to the ballpark, as we choose ... hey wait, how did this get in there? Damn it, why won't she go away?! Other upcoming promotions: • Train Wreck Series — Ode To Fallen Stars. Tonight, Altoona Curve (Class AA Eastern League). Brittany Spears, Nick Nolte and David Hasselhoff are just a few of the fallen stars to be honored at this game. • Star Wars Night Featuring Boba Fett. Friday, Aug, 8, Madison Mallards (Summer Collegiate Northwoods League). Daniel Logan, who played the notorious bounty hunter, will be on hand to sign autographs. Clones admitted half price. • Jay Buhner Buzz Cut Night. Friday, Aug. 8, Everett AquaSox (Class A Northwest League). Buhner, the former Mariners All-Star right fielder who is also co-owner of the AquaSox, will be on hand to administer pre-game haircuts, otherwise known as the "Buhner Buzz." [Thanks to Benjamin Hill] • NFL Night. Saturday, Aug. 9, West Virginia Power (Class A South Atlantic League). Any night that includes an appearance by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is a good night. Plus, pre-game cheerleading clinic!

Racing Food Items Of The Week. Pork Sausage, Cheese And Egg, Lakewood BlueClaws (Class A South Atlantic League). If Jersey had a state sandwich, these would be the ingredients. Their spirited dash around the field is the newest attraction at FirstEnergy Park, and you can also get one in the concession stands. Or if you prefer, you can choose a belly buster sandwich; a half-pound of pulled pork, half-pound of brisket, cole slaw and onion rings, which also comes with a t-shirt, but does not race. [Thanks to Minor League Dugout] We want you minor league tips. Send all game reports, photos, promotional news or racing food items to And thanks!

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