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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bobby Bowden Is All About The Series Of Tubes

Illustration for article titled Bobby Bowden Is All About The Series Of Tubes

Few jokes have as many comedic legs as a good Old People Don't Understand The Interwebs story. They're tough to beat; old people are so DUMB!


Today's technological dissertation comes to us from Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, who, shockingly, is a little bewildered by the world of the computing machines. (He's also confused by VCRs, automatic transmissions and the unbridled sexuality of Angie Dickinson.) While explaining the departure of his son Jeff, let go by the Seminoles for his tendency to have no idea what he's doing, Bowden fought the real enemy.

"Because you all ignited it," he said to a small room of reporters. "You listen to eBay and e-mail and all that junk, and you all kept writing about it and that fans it and makes it grow and grow, and it becomes a cancer. That's why."


Listening to the eBay really does cause nothing but trouble; we received a transmission the other day that told us to kill our parents and to buy a copy of Sports Illustrated from 1979 with Bake McBride on the cover. eBay can be very persuasive.

Bobby Bowden Blames eBay For Son's Departure [The Fanhouse]

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