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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bobby Petrino Ends Up A Smashing Success In Atlanta

Illustration for article titled Bobby Petrino Ends Up A Smashing Success In Atlanta

Ah, the halcyon days of January 7, 2007. Bobby Petrino was coming off a thrilling year as coach of Louisville, and he was seen as an offensive mastermind. He was Steve Spurrier, except, you know, he didn't mind working hard either. And then, very quickly, it all imploded.


Anyone who wasn't Bill Simmons could see the Falcons were toast the minute Vick went bellyup — they were probably toast before that, actually — and it all led to Coach Petrino deciding that he'd rather deal with those maniacs in Fayetteville. That can't be a good sign.

As you'd probably expect, Falcons fans aren't particularly fond of Mr. Petrino right now.

I honestly can't believe that Petrino called in his resignation. To put this in some context, I quit at least four retail jobs in my high school to early college days. I went in to work every time and told my bosses face to face. Not once did I call in. That's right, Bobby: you've been trumped in the decency department by a guy who once sold bikes at Toys 'R Us. Your move, jackass.


Someday, NFL coaches will have to accept that Jimmy Johnson isn't walking through that door.

Some Meandering Petrino Thoughts [The Falcoholic]

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