Bobcats Overcome Confusing Sign To Beat Pacers

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These Bobcats fans kind of frighten me, so I'll let Bobcats Baseline fill you in on their little crafts project.

The game was somewhat boring, so I was more intrigued by the artistic talent that we spotted across the arena. Now, us Baseliners claim to be Bobcats fans, but we've never gone so far as to construct a semi life size cardboard model of Gerald Wallace. Nor have we ever make a sign for Augustin that reads "DJ Knows How to Turn the Tables" (note: that is real vinyl mounted on the poster). This is serious craftsmanship

But these are serious Bobcats fans. These are the same dudes that produced the infamous Gerald Wallace "Game Blouses" sign that we've been gawking at all season. For those not familiar, "Game Blouses" is a reference to a Chappelle's Show skit where Charlie Murphy gets dominated by Prince in a game of basketball.

Serious Bobcats Fans Frequent Hobby Lobby [Bobcats Baseline]