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Boise State Gets Hit With The Dreaded "Lack Of Institutional Control" Label

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Your latest football powerhouse to run afoul of the NCAA Infractions Committee? Your once and future Cinderella Boise State Broncos.


You can read the NCAA memo here. Now Boise St. is going to trumpet this like they're the good guys, because these violations came about as a result of an internal investigation. And that's true, but don't forget that the NCAA pushed them to investigate: the old, "you take care of this so we don't have to."

What did they find? A total of 63 incoming football players that received impermissible benefits, to the damage of $4,934 total. Small potatoes, but the amount of violations is more troubling than the cost.


Boise St. reimbursed the money, and the NCAA was ready to sign off on it, when tennis ruined everything. Damn you, Title IX! (Not really.)

They found multiple violations on the school's tennis team, again dealing with prospective, incoming and current student-athletes. (Including, as one wag points out, "permitting one to use the institution's tennis stringer to restring his racquet."

The NCAA's sensing a pattern, and instead of the summary judgment, Boise St. will have to face the Infractions Committee next month.

Summary of NCAA Inquiry
NCAA says Boise State football broke rules [USA Today]

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