The Bon Jovi Group may still be the group that buys the Buffalo Bills, but it won't include Bon Jovi. It probably shouldn't be called the Bon Jovi Group anymore, because Bon Jovi probably doesn't even like those guys now.

Finances are the issue, of course. According to the New York Post, JBJ is worth only $300 million, and as the principal owner, he'd have had to put up 30 percent of the money, which means the groups's max bid would have been in the $1.1 billion range. That's not enough. With someone else as principal owner, they can offer more.

JBJ won't give up, though. The Post says he's looking for another group of rich people to back a new bid, but at this stage, that feels a bit like a hail mary.


Sorry, Bills fans. You're probably going to have to be owned by a dork billionaire, not a rockin' millionaire.