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Boston And Chicago Must Really Love Each Other

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How else do you explain why the Bulls and Celtics have played seven overtime periods in just six games? These guys really just enjoy playing basketball together—and making each other bleed.


Rajon Rondo took his fight to Kirk Hinrich (again), Paul Pierce got clowned by Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose is Superman (as long as he's not shooting free throws and now after a triple-overtime Game Six victory by the Bulls, the series will culminate in an 8-OT brainsmashing Game 7 on Saturday. (Unless they decide to play more games.) If only this wasn't the first round!

Oh, and Ray Allen scored 51 in a losing effort and is playing some of the best basketball of his whole career, but who cares right? There is (say it with me) NO LOVE LOST between these two teams and it has turned into one of the most dramatic seven-game series ever. (Yes, Simmons was right.) But fortunately, there is a way to make it even more dramatic (and oddly enough, more annoying).


There are rumblings that Kevin Garnett—who has not played a minute in this playoffs—will suit up for Game 7 in Boston. Now these are just rumblings (Danny Ainge is a trickster. Don't believe his lies.) but remember: Willis Reed only had two buckets in "The Willis Reed Game." You don't think Garnett wants to strut into the Garden in his uniform, play three minutes and go down as the hero champion warrior of all time? Book it.

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