Boston College Senior Has Just The Saddest Favorite College Basketball Memory

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Boston College ended their basketball season by getting routed 88-66 by Florida State in the first round of the ACC tournament. The Eagles went just 7-25 this year, including an unfathomable 0-19 in conference play, the first team to go winless in the ACC since the post-Len Bias Maryland Terrapins.

Boston College had a very young team, relying mostly upon freshman anchored by a couple of seniors. After the loss to Florida State, one of those seniors—center Dennis Clifford—was asked about his best college basketball memory. His answer will make you depressed for a couple of weeks. Via AP:

Against Florida State, Boston College senior center Dennis Clifford had 15 points and nine rebounds before fouling out with 9½ minutes left. Right then, BC’s deficit was somewhat manageable, at 65-56, but quickly climbed back up to 15 points.

Afterward, Clifford was asked what his best memory of playing college basketball will be. He choked up and put his head down, pausing for more than 20 seconds. When he looked back up, his face was red, his eyes were welling.

His answer: “Going out to eat.”

If you remember, one of the times the Eagles went out to eat, half of them ended up sharting out their Chipotle burrito bowls. That a crying Clifford still named eating out together as his favorite college basketball memory tells you all you need to know about just how dismal the season was.


Update (1:02 a.m.): OH MY GOD I just found video and it is even more heartbreaking than I thought possible. Somebody please, please go hug Dennis Clifford.


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