Denver 49, Baltimore 27: Peyton Manning was still furious over last season's playoff loss to the Ravens, apparently, because he absolutely demolished Baltimore tonight. Manning threw for 462 yards and seven touchdowns, becoming the sixth person in NFL history to throw that many TD passes in a game.

Even Andre Caldwell caught a touchdown! Yeah, Andre Caldwell is on the Broncos now!

As for the Ravens—well, when Peyton Manning throws for seven touchdowns, it's most likely bad for the other team. Ray Rice couldn't establish a running game, rushing for only 36 yards on 12 touches, and the Ravens turned almost exclusively to Joe Flacco, who threw 62 pass attempts, after the Broncos starting building a lead. Also, Ravens players started running into each other.

Wes Welker's first half was highlighted (or lowlighted) by his muffed punt in the second quarter, eliciting New England smarm—see, that's why he didn't get re-signed!—but he ended the game with nine catches for 67 yards and two scores, so it's all good.

Dallas Clark had a crucial third-down drop that would have been an easy Ravens touchdown before halftime, and he knew it.

Clark dropped another pass later on, but this one was forgivable. Few people are capable of holding on to the ball after getting hit that hard.

The Broncos already had a comfy lead when Danny Trevathan had his brain fart, but Wesley Woodyard got rolled up trying to recover the fumble. The injury wasn't that bad, apparently, because Woodyard later returned.

The defending champs are 0-1, and Peyton Manning already has one fewer passing touchdown than the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs.