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There was some drama on The U's campus yesterday, as Hurricanes safety Willie Cooper was shot in the ass. His roommate and teammate, Brandon Meriweather, in a move that would make Ray Lewis proud, then "pulled a pistol from his pants pocket and fired three times at the person," according to the AP article. Well, of course he did.

First and foremost, Cooper's OK. He was walking immediately afterwards, and he was treated and released from South Miami hospital. Which is why I think it's OK to find the rest of the story kind of amusing. At about 6:30 in the morning, Cooper and Meriweather noticed a suspicious vehicle outside of their house. They went outside to check it out, and someone then got out of the car and then hid by the side of their house. Cooper and Meriweather yelled at the guy, and that's when the guy shot Cooper in the ass. That's when Meriweather opened fire with his University-issued .380 semi-automatic.


Okay, it probably wasn't actually University-issued. But it is legally registered and owned, and police said he used it legally. Maybe we all shouldn't have been so quick to laugh at Kellen Winslow's assertion that he's a soldier.

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