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For some reason, the Minneapolis Regional is the one that inspires us the least. We're not sure why; we love Villanova and think the college basketball world is a better place when the Wildcats are good.

It just seems to be a bracket without heroes or villians. No Redick. No Gonzaga. No Oral Roberts. No Great Danes! This bracket needs John Chaney. It needs a broken arm, or a threat against another coach's life.

One thing it doesn't need? An eye-poke.

Here's your predictions roundup:

Jay Bilas: Villanova.
Daily Quickie: Villanova.
Dick Vitale: Boston College.
Andy Katz: Boston College.
• Lenn Robbins, New York Post: Villanova.
Seth Davis: Villanova.
Stuart Mandel: Villanova.
The Amazingly Reappearing Joe Lunardi: Florida.
yoco: college basketball: Boston College.
• Deadspin: Villanova. Assuming, of course, they start 10 eyes rather than nine.


OK, commenters: Hand over those predictions. Slowly.

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