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The question was raised by Dan Shanoff in the Daily Quickie this morning, and echoed in today's Sports Illustrated: Is this the year a No. 16 seed finally beats a No. 1? Oral Roberts is a No. 16 seed that's much better than your usual No. 16 seed, and you could certainly argue that Memphis is a little worse than your average No. 1.

But does that really mean they could pull it off? We are obviously doubtful, but man, it would be quite great. Besides: Nothing's better than Oral jokes. But you knew that.

Prediction roundup time!

Jay Bilas: Kansas.
Daily Quickie: UCLA.
Dick Vitale: UCLA.
Andy Katz: Kansas.
• Lenn Robbins, New York Post: Kansas.
Seth Davis: Gonzaga.
Stuart Mandel: UCLA.
The Amazingly Reappearing Joe Lunardi: Memphis.
yoco: college basketball: UCLA.
• Deadspin: Kansas. Bill Self finally breaks through, and, while cutting down the nets, his toupee falls off. That would be great.

Let's hear it, folks. It puts the predictions in the basket.

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