You might have heard about this by now, but just in case: It appears former Illini and current Washington Redskin Brandon Lloyd is taking his radio tips from Skip Bayless. That is to say: He's accusing Troy Aikman of being gay on the public airwaves.

We're not sure how Lloyd would know the FOX broadcaster and Cowboys legend is a friend of Dorothy, but in an interview with a Washington-area radio station, he seemed pretty certain.

B-Lloyd: If you're listening to a guy like Troy Aikman, and you're a fan and you don't really know much about football, then I'd see why you're confused. ... Theres no such thing as an easy catch in football. Theres no such thing. ... I don't believe Tory Aikman anyway. He wasn't man enough to admit his personal life situation as a player.

Junkies: Do you know that that's true?

B-Lloyd: I'm speculating, just like he speculates.

Junkies: I knew he was queer!

You can hear the full interview here. We are looking forward to hearing Aikman call the Redskins' next game, not just for how Aikman handles Lloyd, but whether or not starts praising his abs.

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