Brandon Phillips Curses Out Cincinnati Enquirer Reporter

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C. Trent Rosecrans, the Reds beat writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer, and Brandon Phillips seem to have a little beef going on. Rosecrans has been critical of Phillips's on-base percentage and Phillips apparently thinks Rosecrans is a motherfucker.

Because of his .310-and-falling OBP, Rosecrans has suggested moving Phillips in the lineup. Phillips was apparently tired of Rosecrans "talking that negative shit" on the Reds and confronted him for a brief moment in front of cameras in Dusty Baker's office before tonight's game at Busch Stadium. While it was definitely testy, cooler heads prevailed, with Dusty just chuckling his way through the whole thing.


The impetus behind the rant was Rosecrans's reaction to Baker having Phillips bat second for the first time since opening day.


Phillips saw the tweet—"I found out your Twitter name now, (expletive). It’s a wrap."—and unleashed his mother-eff bomb rant. The Enquirer later released a statement acknowledging the incident and hoping all parties could move on. Phillips ended the night 2-5 and the Reds trucked the Cardinals 10-0.

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