Brandon Weeden Roasted Jerry Jones

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Brandon Weeden began this season as a Cowboy and is going to end it among the thicket of, oh, let’s say, imperfect QBs leading the Texans into the playoffs (unless the Colts somehow beat the 3,300:1 odds stacked against them). I’m sure he didn’t imagine he’d play much this season, let alone start for two different teams, but all told, this weird year worked out pretty well for him.

Understandably, he’s pumped about it, and he used his team’s probable march to the playoffs to diss Jerry Jones, who released him then said the team made a mistake choosing him as a backup. So Weeden clapped back and told 107.7 The Franchise, when asked whether he was happy to see the Cowboys implode:

I mean, yeah. Absolutely. We get to play extra football and he’ll be watching on his couch. That’s what it’s all about. We’re playing for something.


Jones then said he was proud of Weeden and breathlessly took credit:

I thought, believe it or not, [Weeden winning a game as the Texans’ starter] shows to some degree that he was worthy of the opportunity that he got with us.


So there you have it. Jerry was just playing the long game.

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